Changing colours

As the leaves begin to do their final colourful farewell, the burnt orange and fiery red, I think about the autumn in our lives, the…


As the summer begins to say goodbye, I am reminded of all the goodbyes we have to say in life. Some very painful, some emotional…

Being vs. Doing

During these warm summer days, I often look at our furry friends in nature and observe their instinct for slowing down and doing less when the sun is long and the days even longer.

Letting Go

I was reminded recently of the importance of being able to let go. How important trust is when letting go, particularly trusting ourselves.

Put down the stick

How often do we notice that the voice in our head is punishing and cruel instead of positive and supporting?

Opening Up

As we slowly come out of our homes this month to meet, I am reminded of a famous scene in The Wizard of Oz…

Perfectly Imperfect

Recently, due to a short work week and long holiday weekend I missed two client calls on the same day.


As I was walking and saw the yellow daffodil heads collectively smiling at me along with the crocuses…

Therapy – will it help me?

How to know if therapy will help is a tricky question to answer.

The Small Changes

It is a new year, one which is welcomed with a collective sigh of relief as we say goodbye to 2020.